Prices packing material

Kind of material Dimensions
Usage Unit price
Unit price
Cardboard boxes
Box CLASSIK 605x415x320 documents, binders, archive materials, clothing 1,00 € 2,50 €
Box  ARCHIV 660x320x350 documents, binders, archive materials 0,90 € 2,30 €
Box PC 2012 590x370x470 computer equipment, fax, tel., working agenda 1,30 € 3,20 €
Clothing Box 605x510x1370 with an option to hang the straps together with the clothing 5,00 € 14,50 €
Plastic wrap materials
Garbage bags width 0,6 m, height 1,1 m items less exacting protection, working agenda 1,00 €
anti-impact bubble sheet 1 m2 protection of fragile breakable materials 0,50 €
fixation drafting sheet (stretching) width 0,5 m / 250 m roll fixation against movement, combination with other packagings 7,00 €
splicing tapes splicing of the boxes and fixation of the objects 3,00 €
wrapping paper packing glass objects, bottles, kitchen utensils 1,80 €/1kg
Special packaging
bubble foil with carton 1 m2 protection of fragile, breakable materials, packaging paintings 0,80 €
solid plastic mattress packaging 250x220cm 13,00 €
solid plastic mattress packaging 250x140cm 12,00 €
Euro-pallet 1 pcs carriage of goods 10,00 €
Paper marking labels 1 pcs labeling boxes, PC equipment, furniture 0,06 €
extruden polystyrene 1 m2 pilling at fragile materials by agreement by agreement
protection edges furniture, protection of walls in flats, offices by agreement by agreement
bottle packs produced made-to-measure upon the custom´s specification by agreement by agreement

» Delivery of the packing material is performed upon the customer´s requirements.
» We always charge only the real consumption of the packaging goods.
» The delivery of the packing material is performed according to the needs of the customer. In case of lease or repurchase of more than 500 pcs we provide a discount of 10%.